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by Keith Busch 31 Mar 2022

What is a potluck, really, but an excuse to share good food and conversation with friends and family? A potluck is more than just a dinner party: It's a collaborative meal between the host and guests. Of course, once you've decided to host one, you'll need to tell your guests what to bring to your potluck.


A potluck is different from other planned food-centric get-togethers. Most of us think of potlucks as a dinner party in which every guest brings a dish to share. And that's not wrong, but the word has a more nuanced definition, too. Merriam-Webster defines "potluck" as a "regular meal available to a guest for whom no special preparations have been made," or "whatever is offered or available in given circumstances or at a given time."

In other words? Casual is in! Formal is out! And thank goodness for that: We've all had a tough year. As Candie Anderson, a lifestyle and entertainment expert, explains, "Our standards for parties are a little lower after COVID-19— and that's a good thing!" Potlucks originated during hard times; there's historical evidence that they originated during the 1930s, during the Great Depression. This makes potlucks perfect for today's tough moments: as Anderson explains, they are a low-pressure way to find a little joy.

In order to enjoy the potluck events, it’s important to set the right ambience and that can be done using the best dining sets of 2022.


Hanover - Traditions 5-Piece High-Dining Set in Tan

This set includes four cushioned arm chairs and a 56 in. cast-top table– each standing at a trendy counter-height. The chairs and table are constructed with heavy-duty aluminum frames and dressed with elegant cast details. Plush seat cushions are included for each chair providing maximum comfort throughout the meal. These cushions are made up of thick layers of foam and wrapped in premium outdoor fabric that resists moisture, stains, and UV harm. The round dining table offers ample room for food and beverages as well as a generous amount space for entertaining guests. Built-to-last, this high-dining set will bring each meal to new heights and greet your guests with the ultimate comfort.


Wyndemere Oval Dining Table Set of 7

The collection features a rich ebony black tone with hand applied soft silvery-white subtle dry brushed accents that accentuate the design elements before applying the multi-step powder coat finishing protection for longer lasting outdoor use. The set features 6 tall shapely contoured back arm chairs intricately woven in a unique pattern by hand in all-weather natural looking synthetic polyethylene wicker weave. The shape of the chair back is not only fashionable but offers very comfortable seating.



This set includes ten stationary dining chairs and a large 60 x 84 in. cast-top dining table. The oversized dining table offers ample room for food and beverages as well as a generous amount of space for seating guests. The chairs and table are durably constructed with heavy-duty aluminum frames and elegant cast details. Thick foam cushions are also included for each seat, ensuring comfort throughout the meal. They are treated to resist water, stains, and UV fading while maintaining their original shape. The set has an all-weather construction sealed with a protective bronze coating.  The Foam cushions dry quickly, resist stains and UV harm. Manufactured to last long and provide satisfaction for years to come, this 11-piece dining set will provide a natural alternative to entertaining indoors and will accommodate your family and guests with the best dining set under the sun.


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