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The Top 5 Commercial Grade Electric Patio Heaters On The Market

by Recreation Outfitters 17 Jun 2022

Outdoor space has become a major investment for restaurant owners looking to accommodate diners in a different way to homeowners who are welcoming guests over for a night on the patio. A perfect patio needs the right outdoor setting to enjoy some time together. However, once the temperature dips down, it's not as fun to be chilling with friends and family. That's where patio heaters are making sure guests and customers alike are being kept cozy and at a reasonable price.

With many types of commercial patio heaters available on the market, it's important for customers to account for the square footage of indoor or outdoor space that they require, as well as whether they want to opt for a gas, electric, or infrared heater to keep guests comfortable year-round. Weather conditions during given times of the year, plus annual expenses on an outdoor heater, should also be accounted for before purchasing the best commercial patio heater for your situation. Here are just some of the brands of outdoor patio heaters that stand out on the market.

1. Infratech

One of the leading commercial grade patio heaters on the market is the Infratech 2-Zone Analog Control heater. Infratech's engineering and design expertise have been touted for its peak functionality, convenience, and energy efficiency. The 2-Zone Analog Control patio heater controls up to six zones on a relay main control panel. The temperature is controlled via a digital timer, allowing for heating control in intervals of anywhere from 15 minutes to four hours.

Infratech is a UL 508-listed manufacturer, allowing them to create custom control packages for any durable heating application. These electric patio heaters conserve energy, reducing long-term heating and maintenance costs that often run up during the winter months in colder parts of the U.S. Infratech's design allows you to adjust the amount of heat to achieve the ideal comfort for your outdoor space, with some models that are accessible for indoor spaces as well with zone heating to better accommodate individual needs for infrared heat.

2. Bromic

Another top patio heater brand is Bromic, a manufacturer of electric commercial patio heaters that offer slim profiles to take up less space while also providing powerful heat and patio comfort. Bromic Heating's BR-ENTG heaters stand out on the market for their smart technology, equipped with a spectral reflector for distributing 6,000 Watts (20,500 BTU) of radiant heat evenly across an outdoor space of 160 square feet. Wireless control accessories are available to make for a convenient experience for set-up and outdoor use.

Bromic patio heaters have a corrosion-resistant, high-temperature coating, and a tamper-proof electrical wiring enclosure to help extend the lifespan of these commercial outdoor heaters. Their designs are a great option for restaurants that have a sizable outdoor dining area that they want to make the most of. These different styles still deliver powerful warmth in the colder months, without costing a restaurant space for more tables and more customers.

3. RADTec

Another top brand of patio heaters for commercial use is RADTec, a brand touted for versatility in use with modern technologies. RADTec's E24Rw heater allows buyers to control heat settings from afar thanks to a WiFi-accessible app. Consumers can control their heaters through their smartphones via these smart-control systems. A fully electric heater, RADTec touts the lifespan of their units along with ease of use, lasting 20-30,000 hours without any glow during operation, making for better accommodation for the ambiance of outdoor space.

RADTec has also created infrared radiant heater models that are designed to stand up to outdoor conditions with a mounting kit that allows for plenty of heat to be spread throughout a large outdoor space. With remote control access, these infrared patio heats or electric models are backed by a 3-year warranty that makes sure your unit is equipped to take on the winter months, or just a cooler summer night to get people settled in comfortably without worrying about controlling elements like a fire pit that just don't allow for proper temperature regulation.

4. Heatstrip

Many outdoor public spaces don't want a bulky patio heater taking up too much real estate, and that's where Heatstrip has become one of the standouts on the market today. With an attractive slim line and no-glow heaters, Heatstrip is able to provide a lot of heat for a smaller unit. Their THH3200AUM model is among the more popular space heaters for restaurants, designed for a ceiling mount that keeps it out of the way for more room on the patio, while also blending in seamlessly with decor without having to rely on natural gas or propane to power it.

Constructed from alloy and marine-grade stainless steel, Heatstrip's models are able to withstand the elements brought on by the winter months and tropical climates during the summer. These are the best options for commercial grade use in coastal regions and surrounding areas. Customers have been impressed to see the different types of Heatstrip models and how they are able to provide an amazing amount of warmth from such a smaller design.


Another leading outdoor patio heater brand on the market is SUNHEAT. SUNHEAT's electric patio heater line offers an affordable electric option for outdoor heating. With a patented quartz design surrounding an emitter, these wall-mounted heaters provide low glare, allowing for warmth and comfort quicker than ever. The 240V commercial heating model comes with a patented lamp design that is highly efficient thanks to a very effective heat reflector and a glass-free front face that larger units on the market don't accommodate.

A single-phase, outdoor patio heater, SUNHEAT's models raise the temperature for a coverage area higher than instant heat. With easy maintenance and cleaning, these outdoor units are able to provide heat output in an energy-efficient matter. Designed for wall mounts, any outdoor patio will feel nestled in warmly compared to other commercial-grade heaters on the market. You'll also be able to allow restaurant patrons to enjoy their meal uninterrupted thanks to a silent design that doesn't even make a little bit of noise.

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