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Summit 24" Wide 2-Drawer Refrigerator, ADA Compliant - Outdoor Rated Drawer Refrigerator [ADRD24] - Available at Recreation Outfitters

by Mary Christine Cagay 18 Mar 2023

If you're in the market for a reliable and versatile refrigerator for your home or commercial space, the Summit ADRD24 may be the perfect choice for you. In this review, we'll take a closer look at its features and specifications to help you determine whether it's the right fit for your needs.

Design and Features:
The Summit ADRD24 is a two-drawer all-refrigerator designed to fit under ADA-compliant counters. It comes with an extra stainless steel kickplate and leveling legs that can be raised to 34-1/4 inches to suit more standard applications. The unit's front-breathing design and finished cabinet make it suitable for both built-in and freestanding use. Its complete 304 stainless steel construction inside and out provides durability and a professional look.

The ADRD24 has a 4.8 cu. ft. interior that offers flexibility in storage thanks to two adjustable dividers and a removable basket. The drawers can be customized with overlay panels to match or accent existing cabinetry design, while the stainless steel kickplate and stylish handles complete the look.

The refrigerator features a digital thermostat with a large display, making it easy to manage the temperature, which can be displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. It also comes with a temperature memory function that helps to recover temperature settings in the event of a power loss. The drawers have soft-close glides that prevent them from slamming, ensuring added safety and durability.

Additional features of the ADRD24 include an audible temperature alarm that alerts you if the unit's temperature goes beyond recommended high and low temperature ranges. It also has a door alarm that sounds if the drawers are left open for more than five minutes. The unit is ENERGY STAR certified, ensuring it runs efficiently with an environmentally friendly performance.

One of the main advantages of the Summit ADRD24 is its versatility. Its front-breathing design allows it to be used as a built-in or freestanding unit, and it can be customized to match existing cabinetry. Its adjustable dividers and removable basket provide flexibility in storage, and its soft-close glides prevent damage to the unit.

Overall, the Summit ADRD24 Two-Drawer All-Refrigerator is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a reliable and versatile refrigerator for their home or commercial space. Its complete stainless steel construction, customizable design, and energy efficiency make it a durable and environmentally friendly option. Its audible temperature alarm, door alarm, and soft-close glides ensure added safety and durability. While it may be more expensive than other similar models, its versatility and high-quality design make it a worthwhile investment for those in need of a reliable and high-quality refrigerator.


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