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How To Choose The Right Electric Hunting Bike

by Keith Busch 17 Jun 2022

Hunting season is all about keeping a focus on the game you're trying to trap. For hunters, eliminating the hassle and traveling light are key to making sure you can bring your haul home. At Recreation Outfitters, we are out to help out hunters of all ages by providing electric hunting bicycles that are simple to operate, even on rough terrain.


What is an electric hunting bike?

With durable design and easy charging capabilities, electric hunting bikes are changing the game for hunters all over the United States. Hunting eBikes allow you to use accessories like cargo trailers, bags, and racks to carry all your gear out into the wilderness. Electric bikes are great for hunting, as their frame is designed to withstand the roughest terrain and elements that may spring up, all while accommodating riders by requiring just a single charge for up to 60 miles of range.

Brands like Rambo and Quietkat are transforming e-bikes from urban use to rural capabilities. Electric hunting bicycles come with a heavy-duty suspension system that allows them to go over varied terrain. However, e-bikes are still built light enough to lift in and out of a truck or trailer. Electric mountain and hunting bikes allow riders to go off-road with greater speed and less exertion. Plus, some of the top brands offer up a camo paint job to gel with the wilderness and track down the game you're seeking.

What are the benefits of a hunting e-bike?

Fat tire electric bikes make things easier for all hunters, whether you're riding on a trail or checking your traps across rugged terrain. A proper e-bike provides maximum comfort for riders. The Mule E-bike by Bakcou comes with a sports saddle designed to accommodate hunters for a smooth ride across any type of terrain. With added stability from a durable frame, e-bikes allow for easy control no matter the attachments that help carry your haul back to your truck or trailer.

Fat tires on electric hunting bicycles also boost control and balance, ideal for the uneven wilderness. This is a highly beneficial feature that makes a fat tire eBike easier to ride, even for less experienced cyclists. For example, all QuietKat bikes are designed to provide the rider with excellent stability and maneuverability. An electric hunting bike will also save you energy and time instead of walking at your hunting stand and baiting traps. You'll also operate in stealth mode, avoiding a loud noise that startles creatures.

How much does an e-bike cost?

Hunting e-bikes run from $3,000 to $8,000 and vary in cost based on brand, features, battery voltage, and watt of motor that comes with the bicycle. Rambo Bikes come with as much as a 1,000-watt battery as part of the Rebel 1000W model. With a larger 1000-watt motor and a larger battery of 48 volts, these e-bikes can reach a remarkable top speed of 28mph The Nomad and Bushwacker 750W and the Rebel 1000W are real good hill climbers making use of that mid-drive so ideal for hilly areas.

Outdoor enthusiasts will want to invest in an electric hunting bike that satisfies their hunting needs. Quietkat E-bikes come with a full suspension and solid frame with 4.8" fat tires capable of taking on uneven terrain. With the full suspension package, you'll be able to afford more comfort and control at a reasonable price. 150mm of travel in the front suspension and 120mm travel in the rear suspension allow for handling on very rough terrain through any hunting season.

What additional features can I look for in an e-bike?

When shopping for the right hunting e-bike, it's important to consider the noise created by your motor. You want to be as silent as possible to creep on your prey. If the motor or your bike is too noisy, you’ll scare off your potential game. Rambo Bikes, Quietkat, and Bakcou tout the power of a 750-watt motor that operates quietly while being able to comb difficult terrain at 20MPH. An avid hunter will want to have wider tires to accommodate a lengthier tow for hunting gear and resulting game.

Additional features are an essential consideration when choosing an eBike for hunting. Unlike leisure mountain bikers, hunters need to carry a lot of gear when they ride. Before selecting a hunting eBike, be sure to check how easily trailers or saddlebags can be attached to help haul your equipment. Find out if there is an after-market purchase that is installed easily. Manufacturers like Bakcou and more make sure to stress attachments that are better equipped for their unique design.

Why choose an e-bike over an ATV?

A quality eBike model is a low-cost alternative to a quad or ATV. Off-road eBikes range in price from $3000 to $8000. While ATVs start around $3000, they can cost as much as $20000. Plus, you'll also have to worry about the rising cost of gas and insurance as additional expenses. Electric bikes benefit from being lighter and easier to maintain than gas-powered vehicles. Plus, classifications for e-bikes also accommodate more riders being able to operate them without the need for licenses and registrations in parts of the United States.

ATVs are also far noisier than any electric motor, ruining any hunting trip by scaring off animals. Hunting eBikes are near-silent. QuietKat touts the quietest 750 and 1000-watt motors in the game, able to keep quiet during even a precarious situation. The simplicity of use is far simpler than any quad, and recharging batteries for an eBike is easier than ever with more eco-friendly models emerging that use renewable solar energy for maximum sustainability.

With easy use across different terrains, why not invest in an electric bike that will get you through hunting season without having to worry about costly breakdowns and running up additional expenses? Recreation Outfitters offers top-of-the-line eBike accessories to accommodate those hunting bikes to eliminate any hassle that has plagued you the past few trips to the wilderness. Beyond hunting trips, there's also a great option for off-road adventures that allow you to enjoy nature without disturbing the environment with loud noises and fuel smells.

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