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by Keith Busch 11 Feb 2022


The ancient Egyptians were known for loving wicker furniture because it is lightweight, flexible and easily worked into a variety of different styles. You might be interested to know that wicker is not actually a material, it is a technique used in making furniture using materials such as rattan or bamboo. Today however, much of our wicker furniture is made from synthetic materials giving it greater longevity and durability.


Perhaps the most attractive aspect of wicker furniture is the way it looks. The wicker weave is not a subtle one: it grabs the eye almost immediately. Its stylish contours accentuate a room, drawing your attention from the designs on the wall to the designs in the furniture. That kind of look isn’t achieved by accident. Creating wicker furniture is a very deliberate and labor-intensive process—and it’s a process that requires a skilled wicker furniture maker from the very beginning. Selecting the right materials is just step one in a long line of steps that go into creating wicker furniture.




Natural wicker furniture lasts for ages and is well-known for being highly durable and long lasting. Synthetic wicker lasts for even longer and is a great investment that will look fabulous in your home for many years into the future. It won’t break, split or rot and comes in a variety of trendy colors and styles.


Synthetic wicker is ideal for your outdoor patio areas because it can withstand rain, hail and sunshine! Natural products, even timbers, take a great deal of maintenance when left outdoors; to keep them looking their best you usually have to cover them or move them into a protected area. One of the key benefits of synthetic wicker furniture is that it is highly durable and can be left outside in all weather.


Another of the great benefits of wicker furniture is its versatility, because all the pieces match and you can add extra modules as your needs change. Much of this furniture comes in modular form and is very light weight, so you can move it around to form different configurations to suit the number of guests or the type of event. One day you can have a long sofa and the next you can have individual seating around a coffee table – it’s that versatile! You can even change the cushions and add throwovers to give your seating a different feel whenever your mood changes.


One of the more helpful benefits of wicker furniture is that it is so affordable. Compared to buying timber hardwood furniture, wicker furniture is a lot cheaper, saving Aussies a significant amount of money styling their homes and outdoor patio areas. After all, most of us struggle to pay the bills, so buying additional furniture can be a difficult task. Affordability however, isn’t the only reason to buy wicker furniture – the versatility, durability, low maintenance and aesthetics of wicker furniture make it one of the best deals for Aussie families, giving you stylish furniture, but at a price you can afford.

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