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Here's why you need an e-bike in 2021

by Letizia Lorini 25 Jan 2021

In the last few years, the electric bikes market has seen dramatic growth. Renamed e-bikes, these modern vehicles are attracting the attention of several buyers, who are always searching for the best options to fit their needs. In 2017, the sales of electric bicycles overtook those of traditional ones. E-bikes look exactly like normal bicycles, with the upgrade of pedal assistance. The combination of a small motor with a lithium battery is going to help you to ride faster, and easily reach your destinations with no effort. 

Nowadays, the market offers a  wide range of electric bicycle models: you have plenty of choices! The only difficulty is going to find the one that works best for you. 

Hunting bikes 

Hunting electric bike

If you are bold and used to losing yourself in the woods or crossing bumpy roads, hunting bikes are definitely the two-wheelers made for you. With their sporty design, they have larger wheels to make the adherence to the ground more manageable.

Because of their high performance, hunting bikes are frequently chosen by mountain bikers for pure fun. For instance, they are also good for some downhill races, but without the fatigue component. As their name suggests, those e-bikes are also designed to carry extra weight, and this is why they are specifically called hunting bikes. If you are a hunter looking for an easy way to bring the prey home, this is your vehicle. 

City bikes 

Electric city bike for women

If instead you enjoy shorter rides and prefer to stick to urban areas, a city bike is definitely what we would recommend to you. Here, the wheels are thinner and the bicycle frame is lighter. The handlebar is set in a higher position, ensuring an upright posture, which enables smoother pedaling. Furthermore, the latest city bikes present a folding design, which is going to help you transport your vehicle if you have to quickly jump on a train to reach work, or maybe take a short bus trip within the city. Sometimes, finding a parking spot for your beloved bicycle can be difficult, and that’s why folding it can also help you to save space if you prefer to park it somewhere at your office or bring it home.

Beach bikes

Beach electric bike

A beach bike, also known as a “beach cruiser”, is made for anyone who wants to enjoy cycling just for the joy of riding, while maintaining the design of bygone times. The style of these bicycles is a real classic, and their electric version combines the traditional elements of a curvy frame, with the modern addition of pedal assistance. These vehicles are all about comfort and aesthetics, and thanks to the balloon tires typical of cruisers - from which the name derives- even bumpy roads are very easy to handle. The shape of the handlebar and a slightly reclined saddle makes beach bikes very comfortable to ride. 

So, how should you choose the right e-bike for you? 

There are several characteristics you might want to consider before proceeding with our purchase. The clientele is the most varied, and so is the e-bikes selection.

The cheapest e-bikes cost around $800 and can reach up to $7.000, depending on the performance of the model. Despite not being so affordable as means of transport, there is more than one reason why they are increasingly in vogue. First of all, they can help decrease urban pollution: they can easily replace a moped after all. And despite the initial purchase being more costly than a motorbike, in the long run, it is going to be more cost-effective, since you won’t need to refuel, and thus won’t produce exhaust gas.

Moreover, the use of an electric bike is less tiring than a normal bicycle. Regardless of the model, you are going to pick, the motor is going to be a big help for your commuting. Because of that, your age or physical condition won’t stop you from riding e-bikes, which you can use without a demanding athletic effort. 

Think about your needs and figure out the one you like the most. If you’ll be using your e-bike to commute from home to work or to go do some grocery shopping, the city bike may be what works best. They are usually designed with a luggage carrier and a nice front basket. They are among the cheapest models, and their average price is $1.500

Younger customers are definitely more attracted to sporty models, which remind the shape of the classic mountain bike. They can perform fast rides and easily cover long distances. If you are trained and not scared of physical effort, one of those treasures must be yours. These e-bikes are among the most expensive and can go up to $7.000.

If you have a thing for retro aesthetic, you can’t miss the beach cruiser e-bikes. They remain one of the fanciest models, no doubt about that. Their average price is around $1000.

The motor is the accessory that makes e-bikes so special. Usually,front-wheel motors are set on entry-level bikes, while motors on the rear wheel are usually on more solid frames. Despite this, the vast majority of models have their motor on the pedal axis, which allows an excellent weight distribution. Batteries are very easy to recharge and need just around 4 hours to have full power again. 

Whatever e-bike you are going to choose, think about how much traffic and queues you can avoid. Electric vehicles are the perfect means to return to using bicycles, with less effort and more fun.

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