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Cast Aluminum Dining Sets

by Keith Busch 04 Feb 2022


Homeowners who are shopping for outdoor patio furniture can get confused with all the great choices available for them.  There’s wood, wicker, wrought iron, and stainless-steel furniture, among others. Then, of course, there’s cast aluminum furniture – a durable, elegant, and affordable option that’s an excellent choice for you!



Cast aluminum furniture, despite its affordability, still outperforms other types of outdoor patio furniture in many respects. For instance, cast aluminum is very durable, and it is able to keep the integrity of its structure for years on end. Iron may rust and wood will rot, but your cast aluminum furniture will not yield so easily to harsh weather elements. Yes! You can enjoy your furniture for a lifetime! Despite this durability, cast aluminum is still significantly lightweight – even lighter than stainless steel and wrought iron. You can easily move your furniture around your outdoor space to clean or rearrange the area. It’s light enough for easy moving but it is dense enough not to be blown away by strong winds.

It comes in a variety of styles. It does not matter if you’re going for bistro style, classic, or contemporary. You are sure to find a design that fits your unique style and your home’s theme. They also come in almost every colour imaginable, what with the innovative powder coating technology we have now. Aside from that, you can also choose from different textured finishes, which is great, especially for those looking for an “aged” appeal.

It requires minimal maintenance. Unlike iron that requires regular cleaning with dish soap diluted with water and annual spray waxing, with cast aluminum patio furniture, you are good with just your garden hose. If there is a stubborn residue, soap and warm water will do the trick. Aside from that, no other upkeep required.


As the name implies, this furniture is made from a specific type of metal (aluminum) which has gone through a casting process. In a nutshell, cast aluminum may be created using different processes like mould casting, die casting, or sand casting. The first step in making cast aluminum furniture is making a pattern which is usually carved in detail in wood. A molding box is then made to receive the pattern. The bottom half of the said box is filled with casting sand and the pattern is then pressed into the sand. After that, additional sand is added on top of the pattern and a tight lid is attached.

Once that is done, the same box is filled with liquefied aluminum alloy. It is set aside until the metal is cool enough and sturdy enough. Once it reaches that stage, sand is removed to reveal a rough casted part. This is then sanded. Finally, every piece of furniture is then either welded or bolted together from different cast parts.


Pound-for-pound, when it comes to strength, design versatility, good looks and weatherproofing – there’s really no better material for building patio furniture than cast aluminum. Many would attest to how great cast aluminum is for your outdoor living space, and if you haven’t had one before, it’s time that you do!

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