Our system is designed with a greater strength and built for ease of use. Our patented Perfect Pole easily attaches with over 16 different types of quick change heads. Making your marine, auto, RV or aviation maintenance an easier process. You’ll never find yourself struggling to align and snap our accessories.

Our premium cleaning tools and accessories range from brushes, drying mops, soft wash tools, swivel plates, maintenance kits and boat hooks. And they all attach with ease while saving you storage space. The beauty of it all, is that our cleaning products require only one pole to achieve all of your cleaning and maintenance requirements.

Simply put, our premium cleaning tools and brushes don’t just do the job better. They simplify your cleaning efforts and maximize your efforts. So you can spend more time doing what you love. Whether boat, auto, RV or aviation, our soft washing tools make protecting your investment, a simple one.

Designed and constructed with quality in mind, we’re bringing innovative ideas and products to the market. And changing the way people spend their time and money, in maintaining their investments.