Pro Mariner

Pro Mariner is recognized as one of the leading brands in the boating industry, and for good reason.  With their products they have won the 2010 IBEX Innovation Award, and they continue to be on the frontline of marine innovation.  With chargers for the occasional boater, devout boat-a-holic, to the professional user, Pro Mariner has products for everyone.  

  • Pro Mariner chargers is that they are capable of sensing increased demand from the auxiliary battery and diverting up to the 100% of the available power to that battery.  The incredible chargers from Pro Mariner are also fully temperature controlled and microprocessor controlled so they will not overcharge your batteries.
  • Our technology quickly moved to mass production of cost-effective, mount-it and forget-it marine battery chargers, providing boat owners worldwide with a solution for extending and managing battery life without the need to manually handle batteries.

With this success and advent of more boats using shore power, we quickly responded by solving the most common forms of corrosion while boats are slipped and connected to shore power. Using the same high quality and robust semiconductors found in our power products, ProMariner designed and manufactured the first line of marine galvanic isolators which solved most forms of corrosion and premature zinc loss. Today, this line leads as the industry standard.