For over the 300 years, the Gauchos have been doing real barbecue on the Pampas. Standing around a fire with friends, the smell of meat cooking, maybe keeping warm together on a cool evening…
This is where they got their inspiration. This is what they want to share with you…
the passion of grilling…“The Real Fire way”.
Their founder, spent many years traveling, collecting “food memories” of wonderful restaurants and meals with friends in the most amazing places. The one story that kept repeating itself however was the BBQ experience in South America. There was just no better way to enjoy wine, friends, and the best grilled beef you can imagine, than the way it is done in that part of the world. So one day he decided to stop trying to tell his friends about it and started show them instead. 
That’s how we came to be. 
Their exclusive manufacturing partner, Ñuke SRL produces carefully handcrafted masterpieces in their factory in Argentina, all made by skilled artisans whom are passionate, about barbecue, just like you.