King Kooker

The King of Outdoor Cooking!®

Metal Fusion, Inc. was founded in south Louisiana in 1979. We enjoy getting together with family and friends in the outdoors to cook our favorite Louisiana foods and we always have fun.

We embrace the history, culture and flavors of south Louisiana and want to share them with the world! We know the the folks who use our King Kooker® products can share our love of outdoor cooking—Louisiana style—surrounded by family and friends. King Kooker® offers a complete line of CSA Design Certified Portable Propane Outdoor Cookers, Smokers, Cookware and Accessories.

In addition, our line of King Kooker® Custom-Blended Seasonings and recipes make it easy for you to prepare special foods and make them your own by adding your favorite ingredients.

While our company and product line have grown over the years, we remain committed to providing our customers with safe, high-quality, heavy-duty cookers, cookware, accessories and seasonings to suit all of their outdoor cooking needs.