In 2019 was a milestone year in Davis Instruments' history.

First, we celebrated our Golden Anniversary. We raised our mugs of tea to two fresh-out-of-business-school guys, who, back in 1969, decided to scrape together enough cash to buy a business. How could youngsters Jim Acquistapace and Bob Selig have guessed that the little marine product company they bought from Mr. Davis himself would someday become a worldwide weather station company with a reputation for producing high quality, affordable, rugged, and accurate weather stations?

At the time, Davis Instruments was making a wonderful, lightweight plastic sextant – a tool for navigating the seas. How, you may ask, did we get from there to here?

The first product that veered from “just marine” to “marine weather” was the Turbometer, released in 1984. It was a hand-held wind meter for sailors. It spurred the dynamic duo to jump all the way into the weather business by acquiring Digitar and starting to manufacture their first weather station. That humble little station (it was actually pretty darned good, even without a humidity sensor!) was to be the granddaddy of our high-tech Vantage Pro2 and Vantage Vue stations.