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Table sports: what’s your favorite?

by Letizia Lorini Collaborator 12 Jun 2020

In addition to your passion for board games, do you have a passion for sports? Or do you know a very sporty friend who would like to receive a themed gift? For these and other occasions we have compiled for you a list of the tables that you can buy from our shop, how to use them and which are the best brands.

Table for games and sports equipment

Spend your afternoons with friends playing with the great classics. We offer a wide choice of indoor and outdoor ping pong tables with regulatory measures, different models of foosball tables, basketball shootouts, air hockey tables and much more!


Foosball table

Foosball is currently one of the most loved and practiced sports, both as a competitive activity, and as a personal passion. The advantage of foosball is characterized by the possibility of sharing the game with everyone, regardless of age and their own football experience. What you may or may not know is that today, thanks to the progress of materials and technology, the foosball market offers a very wide range of foosball tables.

Buying a foosball table can prove to be a real investment in these times and it is right to choose the model that best suits your needs in an intelligent and unhurried way. Before even purchasing a foosball table, it is therefore necessary to consider several elements, such as the type of foosball tables, the position it will occupy, the type of table football you intend to practice, the type of use of the foosball table and much more!

Air Hockey

Air hockey table

The only thing that air hockey has in common with hockey is that it is played with a small puck and that the goal is to make it end up in the opponent's goal. To play air hockey you need: a air hockey table, two knobs (one per player) and a puck. The United States Air Hockey Association (USAA) is the organization that since 1978 has established the rules of the game and the types of tables, knobs and discs valid for competitions.

Air hockey’s goal is a slot about twenty centimeters wide and you do not play teams on an ice field, but one against one on a table of 2 and a half meters by about a meter.

To move the puck on the smooth surface of the table and pull towards the opponent's door, a kind of knob is used, with a flat bottom and a circular edge used to hit the puck and to defend one's goal.

Table hockey is a Nordic game. Competitions are organized in Europe and North America. 


Basket Shootout

Shootouts will be perfect on the weekends, as family days will be more pleasant and fun with this game. Friends and relatives will be looking forward to playing again! Perfect for the next party: whether it's playing at home or at an outdoor sports-themed party, shootouts are simply perfect.

With their design and high-quality details, playing is truly a pleasure. All you have to do is organize the teams and play.

Table Tennis

Ping pong table

Table Tennis or Ping Pong? Both terms indicate the same sport; the first is the official name of the Olympic discipline and the second is the one that made it known all over the world. It is one of the few sports indicated for all age groups: it is a very playful physical activity but that helps improve motor coordination, requires simple equipment (a racket, a ball, a ping pong table) and is above all devoid of dangers.

Like many other sports, ping-pong was born as a pastime of high society. It was probably first played in England in the late 1800s. It descended from the game of tennis and became popular at the turn of the century with the name of table tennis. In 1900, it was registered with the name of ping-pong by the J. Jacques & Son company and became very popular worldwide. 

There are not many sports that target a heterogeneous group of people and that can be practiced in such different places and contexts; Table Tennis is an activity that can be carried out at the beach, by the pool, at the gym, during leisure time, by the whole family and by people with disabilities.


Pool table

Many people don't know it, but pool is the first hobby in the world, for the number of practitioners and spectators. Some estimate that 2 to 2 and a half billion fans worldwide play pool frequently, and that amounts almost to 30 percent of the world's population!

This game -or sport-, has noble and ancient origins. In fact Louis XVI asked the carpenter of the Court to invent a game that could be played in winter without getting dirty like in croquet. Pool, golf and even polo come from croquet. Pool spread immediately in the European Courts with different tables and rules, including in England, which then became the cradle of snooker.

Our favorite brands


Before becoming Harvard Game Tables, the company was originally called Crown Recreation West, Inc. After eighty years of activity in the table gaming industry, they chose to change their name to Harvard Game Tables: their first patent was filed in 1989 and concerned a goal adjustment mechanism.

Harvard Game Tables

Harvard Game Tables quickly became known in the gaming world, as they started producing five different models of foostables. However, they do plenty more: they create air hockey tables, basketball hoops, ping pong, together with many other similar items.

The Swedish firm Stiga was born way back in 1934 when its founder Stig Hjeimquist decided to start a wholesale business. Initially, the production only involved table tennis and hockey tables but over time the company's offer diversified on different fronts, from lawn mowers to children's sledges. Today Stiga, , is among the top producers of multifunction machinery for the garden and snow plows.

Stiga Game Tables

Buy your new ping pong table, your foosball table or your next air hockey table now. Choose your favorite fun and secure the most fun for you, your family and your friends!

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