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Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayaks

by Letizia Lorini 07 Jul 2020

Do you like spending weekends and days off work doing some sports activities with your friends and family? Do you love nature, camping, excursions, and trips to the lake?  Do you maybe enjoy swimming, and you have gotten closer to the world of kayaks for this precise purpose?

If your answer to these questions is yes, an inflatable kayak could be a great way to have fun and be adventurous, without having to invest too much money.

Inflatable kayak on lake

One of the innovations that allowed many people to get closer to the world of kayaking, or even to try kayaking just for fun, was the appearance of inflatable kayaks. Compared to rigid kayaks, the advantages of this type of equipment are many:

  • inflatable kayaks are on average cheaper than rigid ones, and therefore accessible to everyone.
  • inflatable kayaks take up less space than rigid ones, both in the car, in the garage or the cellar - no storage is needed, just a simple wardrobe to store them,
  • inflatable kayaks are quite easy to maneuver

In addition to these advantages, there are also limitations, which mainly concern the possibility of punctures or lacerations of the hull. But it is an eventuality that with a little attention should be quite easy to avoid.

Kayaking in open sea

If your children are not yet old enough to have their own kayak, taking a 2-seater could be a great idea to offer them an experience filled with fun in total safety. These, in fact, are a great way to introduce young people to kayaking and to get in contact with nature and water. They are robust, wide enough to be stable, tight enough to be maneuvered, light and practical.

With this type of model, you'll be able to go on a little fishing adventure with your child, your partner or friend!

If, on the other hand, our kids are old enough for their own kayak, or you are fans of solo missions, there are some beautiful models with only one seat. 

You probably shouldn't expect an inflatable kayak to be as performing as a rigid kayak, but some models will surely surprise you! Within the market of inflatable kayaks, Sea Eagle models surely represent one of the best alternatives money can buy. Check out a couple of our favorite models:

  1. Sea Eagle Inflatable 393RL RazorLite DS Pro Package

While most inflatable kayaks should not be expected to be extremely performing, the SE393RL is as robust, light and versatile as a rigid, plastic, or carbon fiber kayak.

If you are looking for the ideal kayak that will allow you to go rafting, as well as to enjoy a more peaceful excursion on calmer waters, to the lake or the sea, the SE393RL could be a great fit for you.

A razor-sharp, tapered, hard-nose bow and stern, combined with a fully constructed Drop Stitch technology hull enables the Sea Eagle RazorLite™ Kayaks to cut through waves cleaner, straighter and sharper than any other kayak on the market allowing paddling speeds up to 6 mph.

Furthermore, the SE393RL is NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) certified, which means that it has been tested by people who know pretty much everything about inflatable kayaks and have certified their quality and safety.

This model can carry a load of about 227 kg; therefore, it can be used by one person and a fairly substantial load, it weighs only about sixteen kilos and can be easily stored in its practical bag and carried in the luggage rack of any car.

  1. Sea Eagle Inflatable 385FT Trade Pro Package
2 seats kayak from Sea Eagle

If you are looking for an inflatable kayak that is simple to use and very versatile, the 385FT  is probably one of the best choices you can make.

Sea Eagle FastTracks™ is a breakthrough design that combine high performance paddling with ultra-light weight and portability.

Sea Eagle FastTrack™ Kayaks are sleeker and faster than ever before! The FastTrack's™ combination of sleek and curved shape with state of the art "NeedleKnife Keel" provides true rigid kayak performance with the benefits of an inflatable one. Most importantly, the FastTrack™ is designed to be extremely safe and stable.

A perfect kayak for explorations, for fishing, camping and relaxing  at the lake, river, or sea. Ideal for both beginners and experts who are looking for an option of great quality, practical, and easy to transport.

Which inflatable kayak would you recommend?

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