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Outdoor Furniture: Cast Aluminum vs. Wicker vs. Teak

by Charis Anne 10 Jul 2021

There are many factors to consider when buying patio furniture. There are three primary materials used for outdoor furniture: cast aluminum, wicker, and teak.

These materials all have different advantages and disadvantages when it comes to durability, maintenance, and weight.

Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum furniture is the most durable and lasts the longest. However, it is also the heaviest of all three types of outdoor furniture. Cast aluminum patio chairs are ideal for large spaces as they are too heavy to move often or transport easily. This type of chair can withstand various weather conditions but will not stand up well against saltwater environments such as coastal towns.

The main disadvantage with cast aluminum pieces is that their finish may fade over time in direct sunlight. This could result in an unsightly surface appearance if left unattended during its natural aging process; however, this material's durability outweighs any aesthetic drawbacks, so many people still choose to purchase them despite this minor drawback.




Wicker, a general term for any woven product made of natural or synthetic materials, is an increasingly popular material choice. It has the advantage of being lightweight and easily transported, so it's easy to use in smaller spaces without having to worry about transporting chairs from one location to another.

Wicker furniture can be purchased unfinished, which means that you'll have the opportunity to customize your purchase by painting them with whatever color paint you prefer; this makes wicker pieces ideal if you're looking for something specific that matches your outdoor décor theme or space design scheme.

The main disadvantage with wicker is its susceptibility to breakage due to its lightweight construction combined with weather conditions such as rain or snow accumulation. The other major downside is how quickly it can deteriorate with prolonged exposure to the sun and how fragile it is in comparison to cast aluminum or teak.

Wicker pieces are most often used as dining chairs, while other types of wicker furniture, such as lounge chairs, may also be popular depending on your needs for an outdoor setting.




Teak, a type of hardwood originating in Indonesia and Malaysia, is one of the most popular choices among homeowners due to its durability. This durable material also has the benefit of being solid and sturdy, which means it's not as easy to move around, but you'll worry less about your furniture blowing away in the wind.

Teak patio chairs are ideal if you're looking for something sturdy but lightweight for your porch or deck. Although these types of outdoor chairs are not inexpensive when compared with cast aluminum and wicker because their production process involves using expensive raw materials, and does not involve any artificial polymers as wicker often does. Brands like Anderson Teak, even use teak dowels, used for joining legs to chairs etc, which is a sign that this furniture company doesn't cut corners. Teak dowels will make sure the item doesn't fall apart over time, due to a lesser material being used, that is more susceptible to the elements. 

In wet environments, such as at the poolside or on the beach, teak wood is an excellent choice. Among the oiliest woods available, cedar is resistant to moisture and corrosive elements. Furthermore, this type of wood is insect resistant, so your porch furniture won't be attacked by termites.

Teak furniture is expensive. Due to the fact that it can only be grown in a few Asian countries and grows at a very slow pace, the price of teak grows very high. Teak trees of usable quality usually take 20 years to regrow after being cut down.


There are a few pros and cons to consider when choosing the right outdoor furniture. 

  • Cast aluminum is durable but heavy
  • Wicker is lightweight but more likely to break
  • Teak falls in between on both durability and weight 

So your decision is more a matter of a personal preference depending on how you will use and store the furniture.

Ultimately there isn't one material that can be considered superior across the board because they each come with their trade-off.

We suggest reading reviews to get a better idea of the best type for you and your needs based on honest feedback from other customers.

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